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APACSMA works in partnership with global industry bodies and organizations. Together, we develop industry sales standards, sales courses, online sales certification programs and solutions covering inside, digital, virtual, and field sales. We are a trusted partner to both universities and professional education organizations in developing new revenue-generating global sales training courses courses and online education programs.

Learning Designed For Sales

What's Included

Global Courses & Certification

Best sales training, courses and prestigious dual endorsed sales certifications that give you immediately applicable skills.

Self-Paced Learning

Maximize the training efficiency, control the amount of material consumed at one time. 

Community Learning

Learn with integrated community engagement paired with reflection, instruction and curriculum. 


Coached by sales leaders and experts, these sessions focus on skills gaps, sales & customer situations, and challenges.

Industry Relevant Skills and Standards

Simplified High Quality Education

Global Sales Communities and Industry Partnerships

Global Accreditation and Certification

Professional Sales Training and Certification Catalogue

Sales Role-Based Learning Paths

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Essential Skills

Inside Sales

Sales professionals are expected to master omni-channel communication , soft and relationship skills.

Lead & Demand Gen

Virtual Meeting

The core focus is on skills, tools, techniques, and methods for identifying leads and prospects.

Prospecting & Selling

Sales audit and Consulting

Learn how to prospect, sell, negotiate, close deals, build and nurture relationships with clients.

Account Management and Customer Success

Virtual Meeting

Develop core skills to on-board clients, expand adoption, manage and engage with key accounts at a strategic level.

Sales Operations and Enablement

Sales Ops

Intended for sales operations professionals who are very critical to an ever-evolving sales transformation environment.

Sales Management and Leadership

Sales Leader

Tailored for sales management, sales leaders and revenue leaders to optimize sales organizations. 

New Programmes

Management Thinking Code Programme
Business Transformation Programme
Sales and Revenue Leader Programme

Your Journey With APACSMA

What To Expect

[ 1 ] Assessment

APACSMA’s signature audit and framework assesses business and talent gap areas. 

[ 2 ] Upskill

Agreed key competencies are upgraded through recommended training, and/or coaching.

[ 3 ] Certification

Knowledge is verified based on industry skills assessment framework and methodology.

[ 4 ] Think Tanks

Option to join the APACSMA Alumni club, a community of like-minded sales professionals.

Your Success Is Our Success

Sales Certifications & Training, Simplified

Learning doesn’t need to be complicated. We have simplified the sales education and comprehensive sales training catalog for professionals and with simplifying content, integrating fun elements into learning ans sales coaching sessions.

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APACSMA E2i B2B Sales Grants

Always On Trend

Training Built On Global Standards

APACSMA team is dedicated to studying the industry. We make note of any changes, emerging challenges, or changing trends, ensuring our curriculum is constantly aligned with global sales standards. The industry endorsement is an hallmark and testimony to Quality Assurance. 

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Your Success is Our Success!

  • We study the industry changes, challenges, changing trends and develop sales courses aligned according to global sales standards and current business environment just as how it is in practical!
  • Learning does not have to be tough! We have simplified the education and engagement process through personalised curriculum options, online videos taught by global experts and authors and options for you to book your coaching and practice sessions when you want to! We are here to assist you in your learning journey and ready to plug you with the right sales coach when you are ready.
  • Get assessed and certified! We have partnered with industry bodies to ensure your certification gets recognized and you feel proud of your accomplishments! The certifications are blockchain verifiable and will be unique to you.
  • Sales is easy and we want to mint more customer focused sales professionals like you. We look forward to having you as part of our alumni in addition to other global sales professionals from Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, VMWare, Grab, Dassault Systemes, NTT, Grain, 500 Start-Ups, AI Palette, Dataiku, AXA, Data Robot, Strive Education and more…

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