What is a Sales Academy ?

Sales Academy is an Institute dedicated to providing specialized sales content, sales resources, sales tools, sales process education, customer demand management and skills training related to perform and become successful in a sales role.

Why do we go to a Sales Academy ?

We have invested years of research and experience to develop a standardized sales curriculum based on extensive research and best practice building. A new organization or an organization without a Sales Training hub can easily leverage our curriculum to quick start their efforts and get their team ramp up in a real fast manner to enable speedier Go to Market. On the other hand, big corporations with existing sales training hubs can work with Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing Academy to research, develop more relevant content to enhance their existing sales curriculum and module offering. Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing Academy works with you to understand your current sales challenges, design the curriculum based on the learning outcomes desired based on the learning methodology selected. We encourage all organizations to outsource their sales academy needs to APAC SMA to save on scalability, deployments and resource utilization.

What do we teach ?

We cover everything under sales, inside sales, marketing, customer excellence, sales leadership and business management. Current and future trends, best practices and researches are already weaved in into our curriculum through our continuous update and review process for every level.

How do we teach ?

We use eLearning, classroom based, mobile on-the-go learning, activity based, workshop brainstorming style, experiential learning, case studies research discussion, play and learn and blended model based on what suits the target audience and industry to achieve the desired results in the best possible budget and timeline. All our classes are hands-on and interactive.

As part of the learning journey, we have commitment and action oriented commitment settings, sales report reviews, sales managerial coaching, online coaching tokens to engage sales coaches to help you in your challenges and on the job learning and coaching to ensure maximum success in your learning process.


How do We Ensure Quality ?

We partner with the best which is why we have not have a recruitment page as we carefully select our trainers based on real training audits and work reference. Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing Academy partners with best in-class world class practitioners, brands, industry bodies and educational partners as part of the certification process.

We have rigorous review process to ensure a sales trainee has applied maximum learning and is succeeding through her sales role and career. We have incorporated a structured sales workshop to uncover real sales challenges and develop strategies and tactics, designed a tested systematic sales review process, guiding through challenges and sales road blocks throughout the sales journey across every month for two quarters as part of the on-the job training and sales coaching framework to ensure sales staff performance and time to go to market is extremely shortened for maximum ROI to the organization.

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