Zeenath Kuraisha 



eenath Kuraisha is the Founder and the Head of Corporate Solutions and Academics at Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing Academy and the Singapore Chapter President, Global Mentor for American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP).

Zeena is well-known for her ability in adapting to any setting and providing effective solutions that fits business needs. Her work efficiency coupled with her business acumen makes her the first choice for clients who need solution guidance, process governance, sales and marketing management. Working for and with industry leaders such as Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, SAP, Google, Apple, Philips and many others, Zeena is rich with experience that enables her to improve all aspects of business operations from Human Resources, IT and Sales. She is specifically noted for her skills in helping her clients to achieve cross functional business improvements, pipeline revenue conversions, sales transformation, customer partner experience and efficiency in sales team operations. She has advised both private and public organizations of any size across globally making her competent to handle any kind of business issues in developed and emerging countries.


  • Abhijit Banerjee
    Abhijit Banerjee Business Strategy Sales and Marketing
  • Furqan M. Mehmood
    Furqan M. Mehmood Business Strategy Sales
  • Himli
    Himli Leadership Sales Customer Experience
  • Karim Mohd
    Karim Mohd Business Strategy Sales and Marketing
  • Manish Astana
    Manish Astana Sales and Marketing NLP
  • Hans Peter Bech
    Hans Peter Bech Channel Sales
  • Baqar H.
    Baqar H. Channel Sales
  • Fulvio Felettis
    Fulvio Felettis Business Strategy Value Selling
  • Menzie Montalibono
    Menzie Montalibono Inside Sales
    Sales Management
  • Sri
    Sri Cloud Sales
  • Angelo Mathew
    Angelo Mathew Inside Sales
    Account Based Selling
  • Earl Allan
    Earl Allan Business Strategy Digital Marketing
  • Frederic Blanchi
    Frederic Blanchi CRM
    Privacy Expert
  • Muhammad Khan
    Muhammad Khan Sales and Digital Marketing
  • Tamara Ceman
    Tamara Ceman Digital Marketing Marketing Comms
    Marketing Research
  • Chew Yen
    Chew Yen Business Strategy Sales and Marketing China Market Expert
  • Hasan Qureshi
    Hasan Qureshi Sales Operations Business Intelligence
  • Nadirah M Sultan
    Nadirah M Sultan Business Intelligence Creativity
  • Nazeem M
    Nazeem M Digital Marketing
  • Ramesh Tarani
    Ramesh Tarani Director, Academic Partnerships and Sales
  • Christina Wong
    Christina Wong Soft Skills Training Service Leadership
  • Munirah Looi
    Munirah Looi BPO Customer Experience Leadership
  • Peter Gossler
    Peter Gossler BPO Customer Experience
  • Prabhijit Singh
    Prabhijit Singh Creativity
    Business Innovation
    Customer Excellence
  • Raymond Tan
    Raymond Tan Sales Operation
    Marketing Operations
    Business Intelligence
  • Dianna Lane
    Dianna Lane Accelerated Learning Speed Reading
    DISC, Emergenetics
  • Dr. Errol Wirasinghe
    Dr. Errol Wirasinghe Business Strategy Sales Decision Making Negotiation Expert
  • Himanshu Jha
    Himanshu Jha Marketing and Web Analytics
  • Ngee Key
    Ngee Key Career Strategist
  • Sam
    Sam Business Strategy
    Org. Behaviour
    Sales & Marketing
  • Deborah Patel
    Deborah Patel Public Speaking
  • Vincent pang
    Vincent pang Communications and Presentation
  • Shah
    Shah Experiential Learning Humour Based Learning
  • Rony Hassan
    Rony Hassan Inside Sales
    Demand Generation
  • Pratik P. Suarana
    Pratik P. Suarana Business Strategy EQ
  • Siti Farhanah
    Siti Farhanah Operations
  • Ayaz Shafi
    Ayaz Shafi Country Director, Africa
  • Teressa Siu
    Teressa Siu Sales Stress and Health Management
  • Mohamed Siddiq
    Mohamed Siddiq Country Director, Canada
  • Go Ashokh Menon
    Go Ashokh Menon Kirkpatrick Expert
  • And More
    And More

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