ISOI™ – Inside Sales Organizational Index

Is your business keeping up with the global Inside Sales standards and best practices?

The ISOI™ is our profession’s first organizational certification, based on the high standards of the AA-ISP supported by 20+ years of in-the-field assessments and prescriptive improvement plans.

Regardless of the size of your team, whether its 5 or 5,000, the ISOI™ can help you to take your organization to the highest levels of execution and excellence. The entire process of earning your ISOI™ Certification will help your organization be viewed both internally and externally as an employer of choice who strives for excellence.


5 Reasons to Consider ISOI Certification:

Know Where Your Team Stands

The ISOI™ will provide you with a complete picture of the health of your organization across 12 areas most important to the execution of a high-performing inside sales operation.

Reach Organizational Excellence

Receive a prioritized roadmap allowing you to focus on the improvement of critical areas.

Gain Executive Buy-in

Sell the value of inside sales internally and establish your organization as critical to your company’s overall success.

Become the Employer of Choice

Your ISOI™ Certification tells current and future employees that you are among the best of the best and serious about ongoing organizational improvement.

Set Yourself Apart

Your ISOI™ Certification brings your company the prestige associated with the highest AA-ISP standards of inside sales operational excellence.


Already made up your mind?

This course will help you:

  • Asses your organization’s quality and implementation of 12 areas based on the high standards of the AA-ISP.
  • Receive a prioritized implementation roadmap for improvement.
  • Gain an ISOI comparitive Index Score.
  • Opportunity to earn your ISOI Organizational Certification base on overall Index Score

Further information:

How to Register

If you’re interested in registering or wish to enquire further about this certification, please click the button to the right, fill in the form, and we’ll send you all the necessary details.

Assessment Process

About the ISOI Assessment Process

The ISOI™ organizational assessment is performed by one of the three current ISOI™ Authorized Delivery Partners, with APAC SMA representing the organization in the APAC region. The in-depth engagement and assessment takes between 8-10 weeks for small to medium size organizations and longer for large or enterprise size companies. Assessments are customized to meet the particular needs of each organization.

The ISOI™ service is provided to help customers gain an objective view of their:

  • Strengths and opportunities
  • Challenges and threats
  • Assessment as compared to industry best practices and performance standards
  • Priorities for improvement areas in order to achieve their goals
  • Overall ISOI™ score and potential certification

These components will be provided for each of the 12 areas as outlined below:

  1. Sales Metrics
  2. Performance Management
  3. Compensation & Reward
  4. Sales Process
  5. Recruiting & Hiring
  6. Training & Development
  7. Sales Technologies & tools
  8. Sales Culture
  9. Sales Rep Competence
  10. Leadership Competence
  11. Executive Sponsorship
  12. Go-to Market Models & Strategies


Earning Organizational Certification

Organizations are assessed and awarded points in each of the 12 assessment areas. The ISOI™ certification may be awarded based on meeting certain point totals as outlined below.

The following aggregate point totals must be met to achieve the corresponding certification levels:

  • Level 1: 1,000+
  • Level 2: 850-999
  • 750-849: Pending Certification
  • 749 or below: No Certification, organization needs improvement and may be reassessed after 6 months.

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