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Claim up to 90% for 4-months salary support and up to 70% course fee subsidy

In Partnership With E2i

Singapore Government Funded Program

Are you a Singapore-registered entity? If yes, you might be eligible for the top-notch government-funded training grant and salary support provided by APACSMA in partnership with the Singaporean government and E2i. As of now, 70% of training subsidy is available, plus up to 90% of four-month salary funding.*

With this program, the Singaporean government is working to introduce new specialized skills and optimize the existing competencies of the workforce. Together, we are strengthening the Singaporean economy while helping businesses get access to highly skilled, expertly trained employees in an economical and efficient way.

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More Than Just Sales Training

How Your Company Benefits

Salary funding up to 90% per rep

Defray the on-boarding cost through up to 4-month salaries funding.

Obstacle-free hiring process

Cut down the time needed to hire, train, and experience value.

Faster return on investment

Experience higher ROI with expertly trained assets.

Best-in-class training standards

Get access to the latest role-based sales standard training.

Skills assessment and accreditation

On-the-job assurance and knowledge verification. 

Leverage APACSMA for existing curriculum

We will partner with your training team to sign-off on existing content.


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*Disclaimer: Information displayed on this page is accurate at the time of publishing. Please note APACSMA will not be responsible for any changes in government policies. To make sure you have the correct information, please contact us, or refer to the government portals for latest updates. APACSMA will also be not liable for company errands or misreading.