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The APACSMA SDR as-a-Service is a partnered approach to sales development. Choose in-source an SDR and manage them directly, or choose to offload everything to APACSMA with an outsourced, dedicated sales development professional. Each option comes with a highly-trained, skilled SDR ready to hit the ground running and generate results.

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The Quickest Path To Results

How It Works

Step 1

APACSMA works with key stakeholders to understand business goals, objectives, KPI’s, culture, process, etc. in order to create a full picture of the business organization.

Step 2

Our team will agree and align with internal stakeholders on the headcount, SDR’s scope of work, milestones, the day-to-day process, and responsibilities of the role.

Step 3

APACSMA will manage all operations. The stakeholder degree of involvement and the availability of plug-and-play tools and playbooks depends on the chosen service level.

Step 4

Reviews will be organized monthly, quarterly and annually, in coordination with all stakeholders to ensure continuous improvement to both the processes and outcomes.

Quick, High-Impact Solution

Increased Speed To Revenue

SDR as-a-Service gives you access to APACSMA’s highly-trained, qualified team of sales reps that can easily be inserted into your ecosystem, without the time and training lag associated with new hires.

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Lower Cost, Higher Retention

Reduce overhead, training, and turnover cost

APACSMA has a consistent, highly-trained, qualified team of sales reps at your disposal. 

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Grows As You Grow

Highly Scalable To Your Needs

A budget-friendly, scalable service that fills the pipeline with qualified leads and keeps your field-facing sales teams busy with meetings.

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Gain For The Whole Organization

Reap The Benefits

  • Hiring support
  • End-to-end HRBP support
  • Payroll services and support
  • On-boarding and compliance training
  • Continuous learning management
  • Integration and alignment with internal processes and tools
  • Data science and analytics support
  • Integrated monthly, quarterly, and annual reviews
  • Virtual leadership and management support
  • Value-added fractional CMO and CSO services

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Dassault Systems
APACSSMA Expert - Narayanachar

Experience matters!! APAC SMA has demonstrated their experience and understanding about the Inside Sales set-up and training, which is highly appreciated.
MP Vice President, Business Development APAC

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