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Streamlined Sales Preparedness

A Plug & Play Sales Training Solution

You no longer need to cover the overhead of a full-time in-house training organization. Save time and money by directing your team’s training needs to APACSMA. This done-for-you service streamlines your sales training, new cohort or employee onboarding, sales curriculum, and employee sales preparedness. On top of that, we handle partner enablement, brand-new customized facilitated boot camps, and workshops. APACSMA Academy as-a-Service also includes a structured path to a Diploma or Degree in Sales and/or a certification track on desired sales skills and competencies.

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Smooth & Transparent Process

How It Works

Step 1

Offload your objectives, skills & competency requirements to APACSMA. We will coordinate with key stakeholders and provide the most suitable solution.

Step 2

We take the existing material and provide targeted content to fill the gaps, and complete current or build new training for various roles.

Step 3

We engage with the sales staff on training and timeframe requirements. Badges will be issued and HR informed upon completion.

Step 4

We actively work with key stakeholders to review performance, determine if they are on track, provide continuous coaching and mentoring support.

New Age Of Sales Training

Benefits Of Sales Academy as-a-Service

Poor sales enablement leads to low sales team efficiency which translates to revenue loss for the company. The problem is in the lack of consistent, forward-thinking sales training and curriculum. APACSMA Academy-as-a-Service is here to solve that for you.

Benefits For The Company

Sustainable & Scalable Solution

Align your training with your company’s core values and mission. A consistent methodology leads to a well-trained, stable sales team that will not only meet, but exceed quotas, giving you a strong advantage in the market.

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Benefits For Managers

Streamlining Sales Preparedness

Our experts will work with you to create a laser-focused sales training curriculum to ensure each existing or new team member goes through recommended learning and skill development programs within the required timeframe without compromising outcome.

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Benefits For Teams

Set Your Team Up For Success

APACSMA Academy as-a-Service gives your team members an advantage, allowing them to excel  beyond their set goals and objectives. Give your sales teams the tools they need to succeed, boost efficiency, increase employee satisfaction, and increase employee retention in one go. 

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APACSMA | SDRs as a Service

A Plug & Play Service

What's Included:

  • Professional training aligned to global sales standards
  • Ready to use, plug-and-play sales educational content
  • Localized sales training courses tailored to your needs
  • Expert practitioners and industry leaders at your service
  • Professional auditors to verify the sales knowledge adoption
  • Jointly endorsed recognition issued together with your company
  • Global certification and accreditation endorsed by industry bodies
  • Access to professional alumni and sales community
  • Access to the continuous skills development platform

Tell us your needs.

We would love to help you accelerate your sales success.

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APACSMA | Inside Sales Leader - Narayanachar

Experience matters!! APAC SMA has demonstrated their experience and understanding about the Inside Sales set-up and training, which is highly appreciated.
MP Vice President, Business Development APAC

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