Entering Foreign<br />
Entering Foreign
Entering Foreign Market

The information technology industry is the biggest and the fastest growing industry in the world and most products travel easily across boarders.

If information technology companies do not take advantage of the global markets they will sooner or later face devastating competition from successful incoming global players. The idiosyncrasies of the information technology industry nurture “winner takes all” mechanisms. Networking effects and low or no production and logistics costs always play in favor of the global market leaders.

Building Successful Partner Channel
Building Successful Partner Channel
Building Successful Partner Channel

For some software companies the partner channel has been a major contributor to global success, but for most software companies making it work is a depressing and constant struggle.

Successful software companies know that their own business model is different from the business model of their partners. They know that they have to design and maintain attractive partner value propositions complementing their compelling customer value propositions.

Business Model<br />
Business Model
Business Model Management

Today’s markets are not conquered with excellent products, but with excellent business models. Any company has a business model, but they are certainly not all excellent.

The objectives of the workshop “Business Model Management in the software industry” are to give software executives a business model based toolbox to grow their companies systematically as well as achieving global leadership in their selected market segments.

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