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APACSMA Signature Audit Framework & Methodology

Amplify Your Sales Organization

Audits are the first step to building an optimized, smooth, and high-performing revenue-generating operation. From building efficient processes to understanding your team as a unit, audits will help you uncover your team’s hidden strengths but also identify any midset or skill gaps that could undermine your operations if left unaddressed. 

Thorough & Detailed Process

How It Works

Step 1

Talk to our experts to discuss your  needs and desired outcomes.

Step 2

Our team will audit your organization, per desired assessment type.

Step 3

Both internal and external data will be collected, organized and analyzed.

Step 4

Our experts will layout steps needed for a winning sales strategy.

Deep Insights & Actionable Resutls

Audit & Assessment Types

Our Flagship Service

Inside Sales Audit (Assessment as-a-Service)

Tap into our award-winning team of experts and uncover ways to optimize your sales organization for the future. Build new inside sales teams, or optimize your mature sales organization guided by the leading industry experts.

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Prior Learning Assessment

Sales Team Skills Gap Audit

An organization is only as strong as the weakest link. Skills gap audit will help you understand each individual’s strengths and weaknesses, giving you an opportunity to address gaps with training, better utilize their strengths, and build a cohesive interlinked sales unit.

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When Skills Are Not Enough

Sales Team Mindset Audit

A successful salesperson must have the right mindset to get the job done. Without the core competencies, they will struggle to make sales and meet quotas. With our Sales IQ Plus Assessment, you’ll be able to build a strong, high-earning, superstar sales team.

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