Certified Inside Sales<br />
Professional (CISP®)
Certified Inside Sales
Professional (CISP®)
Get Your Inside Sales Teams Certified!

The Certified Inside Sales Professional Accreditation Program (CISP®) is our profession’s only designation which attests to the holder’s mastery of skills and competency required in today’s virtual selling world. It represents each individual, team and organization’s commitment to staying abreast of new developments and selling best practices within the inside sales industry.

Total 11 Modules covering all critical steps involved in a sales process. Students go through an eLearning self-paced program with videos, practices, voice exercises with a final real time sales call roleplay exam. The program can be completed in 2-4 weeks.

CISP® certification recognizes an individual’s and organization’s professional achievement and competence, provides identification with other professionals in the field, and stimulates career advancement. The CISP® designation may be prominently displayed on business cards, e-signatures and other related communications.

The Accredited Inside Sales<br />
Manager (AISM®)
The Accredited Inside Sales
Manager (AISM®)
Get Your Inside Sales Management Certified!

The Accredited Inside Sales Manager (AISM®) Certification is our industry’s only professional credential which focuses on the knowledge, experience and skills required for those serving in an inside sales leadership role.

The AISM® program and subsequent certification recognizes an individual’s professional achievement, experience, and depth of knowledge on current inside sales management topics, trends, best practices and leadership values.

Program involves selection of online eLearning modules, selection of books, conferences for participation and reflection exercises together with a final mandatory capstone project. The whole program can be completed in 2-6 months depending on the speed and commitment of the students and organizations.

Successful completion of the AISM® program indicates that an individual has met all of the requirements and competencies of a high-performing inside sales leader. Upon graduation, newly certified leaders may proudly display their AISM® designation on e-signatures, business cards, LinkedIn profiles, & other corporate communications.

Professional Diploma in<br />
Digital Selling (PDDS®)
Professional Diploma in
Digital Selling (PDDS®)
Get Your Professional Diploma in Digital Selling Certified!

The Professional Diploma in Digital Selling (PDDS®) Certification is a traditional selling methods are no longer enough to sustain success; digital tools and techniques are now an essential component of any efficient selling strategy, and are revolutionizing sales and prospecting.

Whether you’re selling B2B or B2C, The Professional Diploma in Digital Selling will equip you with the supplementary skills you need to drive more sales and increase your OTE, every time.

You will learn how to acquire more qualified prospects, reduce lead times and build solid customer relationships online, ensuring client satisfaction and repeat purchase.

Students will go through a self-paced eLearning program with tons of dynamic video presentations, practical learning activities including tutorials and exercises, acquire hands on learning experience that will enable students to devise and execute digital selling strategy.

The program can be completed within 4-6 months.

Inside Sales OrganizationalIndex (ISOI™)
Inside Sales OrganizationalIndex (ISOI™)
Get Your Inside Sales Organization Certified!

The ISOI™ Certification – the Inside Sales Organizational Index, is administered by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) managed and led by APAC SMA. ISOI assesses 12 Areas of Inside Sales Operations.

Businesses and corporations of all sizes are leveraging AA-ISP resources to help them improve and stay abreast of the latest trends, technologies, and selling disciplines. Many of these progressive organizations have goals to become a “best-in-class” inside sales operations. They are challenged to provide an objective internal assessment against an established set of standards.

The ISOI™ is our profession’s first organizational certification which is designed to help meet these demands. It is based on the high standards of the AA-ISP supported by 20+ years of in-the-field assessments and prescriptive improvement plans. The entire process of earning your ISOI™ Certification will help your organization be viewed both internally and externally as an employer of choice who strives for excellence.

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